Most people will know by now what a chatbot or conversational AI is. But how does one design and build an intelligent chatbot? Let’s investigate some essential concepts in bot design: intents, context, flows and pages.

I like using Google’s Dialogflow platform for my intelligent assistants. …

“You are an idiot!” is what someone wrote to one of our bots today. Another one we often see is “You are stupid!”. They are not isolated incidents, no. Artificial Entities have to endure abuse on a regular basis.

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Bot users get frustrated — no matter how well-trained the bot is. Who would have thought that this hotel guest didn’t know he could leave his key at the reception when going out? He posed our agent a fair question, but not one our bot was prepared to answer.

Today I’d like to take you on a journey from problems towards solutions to bot abuse. A chatbot may not care, but our user certainly does. No one likes being angry whether that anger is warranted or not. In order to maximise user satisfaction we should teach our bots how to deal with this issue. …

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The AI war is full-on. Like all tech giants, Oracle years ago decided to join the fight for the AI chatbot and voice bot users. And that makes total sense. As a benchmark platform for secure data storage they are able to fill a niche that the Facebook-dominated chatbot sphere can not: A comprehensive architecture that interacts, stores data, learns and helps the organisation make better decisions on auto-pilot in one all-encompassing secure environment.

In 2020 and beyond, no organisation can ignore the enormous shift in the way that information is collected, stored and analysed. Industries like healthcare, high-tech and government are much in need of smart learning systems as the possibilities of our systems continue to grow. With the advent of AI our systems can now converse with users in highly autonomous processes. Yet for these industries Facebook and similar platforms are not an option due to privacy concerns and Facebook’s open-platform approach to security. …

…and an outlook on 2020 for Bot Professionals and Marketing Managers

As we’re winding down from the spectacle that was Manychat’s Conversations 2019 let’s recap and have a look at what is currently going on in the chat- and voice bot market. I will outline the current reality and vision of the available bot building platforms, and en passant give you some insights on how we at BotBizzBuilders think the best bots are built in 2020. What are the best tools for building professional chat- and voice bots?

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The market leaders

Manychat and Chatfuel used to both be ahead of the pack. They have been stable platforms for a long time now and they are both offering their own great version of an easy-to-use bot building interface. Over the last year Manychat have made an incredible leap forward, adding functionality that pleases both developers and marketers. The extension of their API methods, improvements to the flow builder and of course the recent addition of Email and SMS as part of their native interface have left a big footprint for others to step into. …

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Facebook has just announced new changes to the Messenger platform that will come into affect on 15 January 2020. Let’s analyse how this may affect our bots and strategies.

Facebook’s changelog says:
⚠ “We are updating our policies to a 24-hour standard messaging window.”

Facebook is clear about this: it will no longer be possible to send messages outside the 24 hour window, with only ‼ three exceptions ‼:

👉 promotional messaging (paid):

I’m expecting the popular chatbot platforms such as Manychat and Chatfuel to soon announce the option to set these up on their platform, thus making it easier to run this kind of message. …


Wouter S. Sligter

Creator of Conversational AI, chat- and voice bots.

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